Band saw Production 280 ANC standard

Note: The picture of the band saw is for information only and may change due to technical modifications.
Brief description of the machine

The machine Production 280 A is a fully automated CNC controlled production band saw, a two column version. The saw has 750 mm feeding on a linear guide, a hydraulic vice with full lift and has a comfortable CNC control panel with a big colour display.

  1. polymer concrete technology to minimise vibration in the saw frame, columns and
  2. base of the machine
  3. feeding controlled by a servomotor and a ball-type screw feeding slide floating on linear segments, with a linear guide
  4. saw frame supported on a precise guide, pre-loaded without clearance
  5. continuously adjustable cutting speed 20-120 m/min
  6. continuously adjustable feeding and sensitivity of the cutting pressure right regulated at the control panel
  7. automated regulation of the cutting pressure adapting to the material form and the corresponding cutting channel
  8. hydraulic stress-loading of the saw belt with automated pressure relief, when the saw turns off
  9. electrically driven chippings brush continuous roller track up to the main vice
  10. hardened stress-loading ledges on the main vice and on the feed vice divided main vice stresses the material before and after the saw belt
  11. modern CNC equipment wi
Technical description


  1. Base of the machine A stable, rigid, welded construction filled with polymer concrete. Conveyor belt for chippings can be attached.
  2. Saw frame A stable, rigid, welded construction in a shell construction, filled with polymer concrete to ensure a silent operation and precise saw cutting.
  3. Columns and guides in the saw frame The saw frame is guided on two columns filled with polymer concrete and on a linear guide pre-loaded without clearance on each column. The columns form a solid frame across the machine base and the saw frame.
  4. The main vice has a large hydraulic cylinder for complete feed sliding and a polished guide with low wear-n-tear. The main vice is divided in the centre, so the machined element is stress-loaded before and after the saw belt. The chucking jaws have hardened grooved inserted ledges before and after the saw belt.
  5. The feeding vice is floating on linear segments to balance any uneven material and has a large hydraulic press as well as ground, low wear-n-tear guide. The chucking jaws have hardened, grooved inserted ledges.
  6. The feeding slides through a ball-type screw with no clearance, controlled by a servomotor. The feed movement length is 750 mm for a single move. Positioning is ensured by a precise magnetic measurement system along the whole feeding length.
  7. The saw bend is stress-loaded over the hydraulic cylinder. The stress pressure is pre- set for the optimum stress of the saw band. When the machine is idle, the stress is released after a pre-set time, to lower the wear-n-tear of the saw band.
  8. The side guide of the saw band goes across the precisely set and polished guide plates made of hard metal. The rear component of the saw band goes across hard- metal cylinders of low wear-n-tear. The left guide arm is automatically adjusted with the main vice and it ensures the smallest clearance between the machined item and the saw band guide to ensure the highest cutting performance.
  9. The saw band is driven by a frequency-controlled 3 kW industrial engine and a large worm gearbox. The saw band speed 20-120 m/min can be continuously adjusted at the control panel.
  10. The saw is moved hydraulically by a hydraulic cylinder and it is set at the control panel. The cutting pressure is permanently monitored by the automated regulator of the cutting pressure, adjusted to the material form. The cutting pressure regulator sensitivity can be adjusted individually.
  11. Hydraulic equipment The hydraulic aggregate is large and well accessible, located on the opposite side of the machine. The valve block of the hydraulic equipment is located separately to facilitate easier maintenance and adjustment.
  12. Controls and servicing elements All the servicing elements of the band saw are located at the same place in a user- friendly control panel. The control panel can be freely turned, it is right on the front side of the machine in an ergonomic height. The machinery is user-friendly, easy to understand and it is fast to learn thanks to clear message texts in the large colour display and the easy-to-understand dialogue system.
Work procedure
  1. set the saw frame to the needed lifting height
  2. insert and stack the material
  3. set the cutting pressure regulator sensitivity
  4. set the length and quantity, select a cutting programme
  5. select a cutting head
  6. start the automated cutting cycle
  7. set or adjust the saw band speed
  8. the cutting cycle shall repeat until the programmed quantity is achieved