Metal band saw PULLDOWN 160.120 G

Short machine description

The machine PULLDOWN 160.120 G is a manual band saw with cooling located in its base. Angle cuts can be performed on one side in the range of 0°- 45° - 60°. Frame turning is manual. Machine control and adjustment of angle cuts can be done very easily directly from the operator’s position. The saw is located on the turning console equipped with legible angle scale. Peripheral speed of the saw band is 37 / 74 m.min-1. Material feeding into the cut is manual.

Note: Roller conveyor M 230 can be connected to the band saw PULLDOWN 160.120 G from the left input side (material feeding) or from the right output side (material withdrawal). The requested conveyor length can be assembled from individual modules with the lengths of 2 or 3 m. The number of support feet depends on the overall conveyor length.

On your request, we will be glad to send you more detailed information on the material roller conveyor product range.

Picture PULLDOWN 160.120 G
Standard design of the machine PULLDOWN 160.120 G
  1. The frame is a robust aluminum casting.
  2. Hard-metal guiding of saw band ensures the cut’s accuracy.
  3. One-sided angle cuts in the range of 0°- 45° - 60°.
  4. Ergonomic design of the machine with easy control and working height 90 mm.
  5. Mechanic material length stop 300 mm.
  6. Complete cooling equipment in the machine’s base
  7. Wide range of accessories.









Summary of technical data for the saw PULLDOWN 160.120 G Band saw


max. diameter of material 120 mm
max. width of material 160 mm
min. scrap length: 20 mm
smallest diameter to cut: 5 mm
working height of the table: 90 mm
saw band dimensions: 1620 x 0,65 x 13 mm
saw band speed: 37 / 74 m x min-1
weight: 38 kg

  Technical machine description

  1. Saw frame Frame is a compact aluminum casting that serves for exact guiding of saw band and effective absorption of machine vibrations.
  2. Frame embedding The band saw frame is embedded in a pre-stressed axial-radial bearing installed on an extended turning console.
  3. Frame diving into the cut Frame diving is manual.
  4. Turning console Turning console is located on a hinge and is also guided on edged guiding segment.
  5. Saw band The saw band is accurately guided by means of hard metal and bearings located in two guiding cubes. One guiding cube is fixed and the other is adjustable. The guiding ledge carrying the adjustable cube provides for setting the minimum distance between material and the band guides.
  6. Saw band speed Saw band speed can be changed by means of a switch located directly on the electric engine with the choices of speed 35 m.min-1 or 70 m.min-1.
  7. Saw band drive The saw band drive is a powerful 0,37 kW two-speed electric engine with spiral gearbox and possibility of speed changes via switch located on the arm of machine.
  8. Saw band tension Saw band tensioning is manual.
  9. Angle cutting range The machine can be smoothly turned on one side in the range of 0°- 45° - 60° directly from its front side. Frame turning is manual.
  10. Adjustment of angle cuts Adjustment of angle cuts can be done very easily directly from the operator’s position and it can be read from the angle scale located on the turning console.
  11. Material clamping Material clamping can be performed via manual quick-clamping vice.

Speed controller is located on the machine engine. The engine is started with switch that can be found on the holder handle on the saw arm.

Technical data of the band saw PULLDOWN 160.120 G

Machine weight:

Weight 38 kg

Machine dimensions:

Length 800 mm
Width 380 mm
Height 450 mm

Driving engine:

Engine type JMC 71 2/4 B14
Type ~ 1 x 230V, 50Hz
Output 0,25 / 0,37 kW
Speed 2800 / 1420 min-1

Cooling equipment (optional):

Engine type 3COA 2-22
Type ~ 1 x 230V, 50Hz
Tank capacity 12 dm3

Saw band dimensions:

1620 x 13 x 0,65 mm

Cutting speed:

37 / 74 m.min-1

Cutting range:

Ø120 mm 160 x 70 mm 150 x 120 mm 120 x 120 mm
R 45° Ø 90 mm 100 x 90 mm 90 x 120 mm 90 x 90 mm
R 60° Ø 55 mm 55 x 65 mm 55 x 65 mm 55 x 55 mm


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