Grooving Tools

Legacy Of Excellence

In India the name of High Profile Engineers has been synonymous with most of the sugar mills for Tailor Made Sugar Roller Grooving Tools & Messachaert Grooving Tools for feed roller. Our legacy of excellence for over twenty years has established High Profile Engineers to be one of the largest manufacturers of Roller Grooving Tools & Messchaert Grooving tools in India with large part of its production being exported to countries like South Africa, East Africa.

At High Profile, silver is used for even better brazing, a copper foil sandwiches a silver foil, ensuring uniform spread of silver , thus leading to best quality Grooving Tools.



High Profile Cutting Edge

The carbide tip is precision ground on ultra modern special purpose two axis CNC carbide tip grinding machine with diamond wheel. This gives enhanced tool life & accurate geometry of all clearance angles.

Immaculate finish of the cutting edge is ensured by lapping with diamond lapping wheel leads to a best quality manufacturing of roller grooving tools. Our path to success for becoming good quality roller grooving tools manufacturers relies on many small things like this.

Quality Assurance

Destructive test for brazing strength for tools selected on random basis from each batch confirms stead fast brazing from batch to batch. Apart from this, few things that make High Profile Engineers the best quality manufacturers of Roller Grooving Tools

  1. Geometrical parameters are checked for each tool.
  2. Accurate clearances.
  3. Correct rake angles.
  4. Best quality carbide tips are used in the manufacturing of roller grooving tools. They are subject to a complete incoming inspection


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