Bi-metallic Band saw

Bandsaw Blade Terminology


  1. Cutting speed - The speed of the blade cutting the workpiece. It is usually measured in in meter per minute.
  2. Standard cutting speed - A list with recommended cutting speeds for various metals, based on a workpiece with a width of 100 mm.
  3. Frame feeding - Travelled distance of the saw frame without cutting in mm per minute
  4. Width of cut - The total distance the tooth travelling across the workpiece. It is measured from the point where a tooth penetrates into the workpiece to the end point
  5. Height of cut - The distance the saw blade travels from the penetration point to the leaving point.
  6. Cutting capacity - The amount of material machined in a specific time period, measured in cm² per minute
  7. Depth of cut - The distance that every tooth will penetrate into the material during one cutting stroke
  8. Feed - The average speed of the saw frame during cutting (mm per minute)


Cutting speed

Speed of the blade cutting through the surface of the workpiece material is it’s cutting speed.Higher is the cutting speed , the larger will be the cutting angle and the more effective will be the cutting process.

The cutting speed is restricted by the machinability of the material and by the heat generated during cutting process.If the cutting speed is too high or if very hard metals are to be cut, excessive heat is generated. This causes a reduction in the life of the band saw.


Effect of speed seen on chips is as follows
  1. Optimum feed – rolled , silver chips
  2. Low Feed - thin or powdery chips
  3. High Feed –burnt, heavy chips
Factors which influence Band saw life are:
  1. The number of teeth of the bandsaw.
  2. The type of teeth.
  3. Teeth per Inch of bandsaw(TPI).
  4. The machine operator.
  5. The tension of the bandsaw.
  6. The cutting speed.
  7. The feed force.
  8. The quality of the bandsaw.

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The teething is indicated in TPI(Teeth per inch)
Following table will guide you in selecting right TPI for solids.

TPI selection table
Constant Pitch Thickness (mm) Variable Pitch
18 2
14 5
10 12
8 22
6 40
4 100
3 200
2 300
1.2 600 0.75/1,2
0.75 +