Carbide Tip & Cermets Circular Saw

High Profile Engineers has been agents for HSS and Carbide Tipped circular saw blades for various European and Japanese companies. We here at High profile Engineers provide you with good quality HSS circular saw blades and Carbide saws by taking into consideration your application, material to be cut and various other parameters. With a vast experience of over 20 years on sawing line we can help you in solving your technical problems in cutting.

They come mainly in following varieties:
  1. For Alloy Steel Material sawing.
  2. For stainless steel / Duplex / Inconel & hard material sawing.
  3. For Aluminum sawing.

Our path to success for becoming one of the prominent distributors of HSS & Carbide circular saws relies on many small things like our quality and experience in sawing industry.

High profile Engineers will offer the best quality products available. We do offer you a quality guarantee as we are authorized agents for HSS and Carbide Tipped circular saw blades. We stand behind our product, and will be at your service in case of failure.

Being agents for HSS & Carbide Circular Saw blades for renowned companies around the world we supply circular saws to leading companies in and around Pune.

If you let us know your application, our technician will suggest saw blades that optimizes your productivity & brings down cost per cut.

Kindly go through our enquiry form & send it back to us your requirements. We will get back to you soon.

Standard: up to 2200 mm diameter
Cutting width number of teeth X ^= standard
mm mm 30 34 40 48 50 54 60 70 80 90 100 110 120 130 140 160 180 200
220 4,0         X                          
315 4,0             X                      
350 4,0     X   X   X X                    
400 5,0     X X X   X   X                  
  3,6          X                          
420 5,0     X     X                          
475 5,0             X                      
500 5,5         X   X X                    
560 3,6     X   X   X   X                  
570 5,5             X       X              
610 6,5             X   X                  
630 6,5     X   X X X X X                  
  3,8     X   X   X                      
660 6,5           X X X X X                
710 6,5     X   X X X X X X X              
810 7,5     X   X   X   X                  
830 7,5               X                    
860 7,5               X                    
910 8,0 X       X   X X X   X   X   X      
1010 8,5     X   X   X X         X   X      
1120 8,5         X   X             X        
1160 8,5                   X                
1250 11,0         X   X                      
1430 12,0         X X X     X   X            
1530 12,5         X   X                      
1600 12,5         X   X                   X X
1650 12,5         X   X                      
1850 12,5         X   X                      
Additional sizes and numbers of teeth are supplied as per your request.
(When ordering please state bore specification.)