Ergonomic 275.230 DGeng

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Short description of saw and standard equipment

The machine ERGONOMIC 275.230 DG is a manual saw with cooling installed in the machine base. Angle cuts can be performed by this machine on both sides is smooth within range -45° and 60°. Frame turning has to be done manually. Adjustment of angle cuts can be done very easily directly from the operator’s position. The machine is located on a turning console equipped with a legible angle scale. The standard peripheral speed of the saw band is 40 / 80 m x min-1, an engine with the speed 28 / 56 m x min-1 can be installed as an option, if the customer wishes it. Material feeding into the cut is manual. The machine control is easy due to controllers located directly on the machine engine.

Note: Roller conveyor M 330 with a carrying capacity 115 kg/m can be attached to the band saw ERGONOMIC 275.230 DG from the left input side (material feeding) or from the right output side (material withdrawal). The requested conveyor length can be assembled from individual modules with the lengths of 2 or 3 m. The number of support feet depends on the overall conveyor length.


Standard equipment
  1.     Frame is a robust grey cast iron casting
  2.     Automatic switch-off of the band after finishing the cut.
  3.     Automatic switch-off of the machine in case of slack or broken saw band.
  4.     Hard Metal guidance of the saw band ensures the accuracy of the cut.
  5.     Both-sided angle cuts in the range of 45° left and 60° right.
  6.     Ergonomic construction of the machine with easy control and working height 760 mm.
  7.     Easy manipulation with swarf via the tank with drainage sieve.
  8.     Mechanic 500 mm length stop.
  9.     Complete cooling equipment located in the base of the machine.
  10.     Wide range of accessories.
  11.     Powerful and reliable saw band drive motor 1,5 kW
  12.     Machine design in accordance with the applicable CE standards and safety regulations
Technical description
  1.  Machine base The saw is constructed on a robust base in a height convenient for easy material handling. The construction of this base was developed as to absorb vibrations in the broadest possible range, thus increasing the life expectation of the saw band.
  2. Saw frame The frame is a compact grey cast iron casting and serves for exact guiding of the saw band and efficient absorption of machine vibrations.
  3. Frame diving into the cut Frame diving speed into the cut is controlled by a hydraulic throttling valve and its regulation is located directly on the hydraulic cylinder.
  4. Frame embedding The band saw frame is embedded in a pre-stressed axial-radial bearing installed on an extended turning console.
  5. Turning console The turning console is located on a hinge and simultaneously guided in a ground guiding segment.
  6. Saw band The saw band is accurately guided by means of hard metal and bearings located in two guiding cubicles. One guiding cubicle is fixed and the other is adjustable. The guiding ledge carrying the adjustable cubicle provides for setting the minimum distance between material and the band guides.
  7. Saw band drive The saw band drive is a powerful 1,5 kW engine with possibility of speed changes by means of a switch located directly on the engine on the saw frame.
  8. Saw band speed Saw band speed can be changed by means of a two-position switch located directly on the electric engine with the choices of speed 40 m.min-1 or 80 m.min-1 (see the picture).
  9. Saw band tension The saw band tensioning is manual. A limit switch on the frame monitors the saw band tension and saw band defects, e.g. rupture, and immediately switches off the saw band drive in case of a defect.
  10. Saw band cleaning Saw band cleaning is performed by a steel brush securing smooth withdrawal of swarf from the saw band, thus preventing swarf penetration into the machine frame space and between the saw band and the wheels  Cooling The cooling equipment is a standard part of the machine. Cooling emulsion supply can be regulated by taps on guiding cubicles attached to supply hoses. The cooling emulsion is pumped directly from the machine base, where a 10 litre container is installed. For cutting of profiles and tubes the saw band can also be equipped with the optional Micronizer, that sprays oil onto the saw band and thus prevents leakage of the cooling emulsion outside of the band saw. This equipment belongs to optional accessories.
  11. Angle cutting range The machine can be smoothly turned in the range of -45° and +60° both-sided directly from its front side.
  12. Angle cut adjustment Angle cuts can be adjusted easily directly from the operator’s position at the machine. The machine is located on a turning console equipped with a legible angle scale. The frame has to be turned manually.
  13. Material clamping The clamping of material is enabled by manual clamping vice that can be side adjustable in dependence on the angle of cut material. For the cutting angle lower than 0° the vice is on the right side, for the cutting angle 0° or higher the vice is on the left side.
  14. Other accessories As another optional accessory it is possible to connect a conveyor on the material input or output. Connection of conveyor and saw is realised via connection segments and mounting adapters in dependence on angle cuts. Connection segments and mounting adapters are stated in the optional accessories price quotation. The conveyor on the input side can be equipped with fixed or adjustable vertical rollers that keep the material in parallel with vice jaws and prevent the material from falling down of the conveyor. In case vertical rollers are not used, it is possible to prevent material from falling by mounting safety backstops. Length stop with manual, digital on NC admeasurement can be mounted on the output side.
  15. Attendance All control elements are located on the saw frame’s electric engine.
 Course of working process

    The working cycle is manual, i.e. the material has to be located on the working table, manually clamped into the vice and after pressing the START button, the band engine starts. Frame diving speed into the cut is regulated by a hydraulic throttling valve. After completing the cut, the frame remains in its lower position and the band driving engine switches off. The frame has to be lifted manually.

 Technical data


90°/0° Ø230 mm 275 x 200 mm 250 x 230 mm 230 x 230 mm
45°R Ø190 mm 190 x 160 mm 180 x 230 mm 190 x 190 mm
45°L Ø170 mm 185 x 100 mm 90 x 230 mm 150 x 150 mm
60°R Ø120 mm 120 x 85 mm 120 x 85 mm 85 x 85 mm
Min. vice opening 5 mm
Minimal length of rest piece 20 mm
Material bearing height 760 mm
Saw band dimensions 2720x27x0,9 mm
Drive output 1,5 kW
Cutting speed 40/80 m/min.






680 mm

1400 mm

1270 mm

Total weight 310 kg
Description of possible accessories
  1. Device Micronizer for micro-washing The micro-washing device sprays accurately adjustable minimum amount of oil-air mixture onto saw band toothing and advance. The nozzle is located right on the guiding arm and ensures ideal application of the mixture and at the same time minimum consumption of oil.
  2. Halogen working lamp Bright cold source of light for illumination of the band saw working site, easily adjustable via a flexible connection for necessary area.


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