Meesschaert Grooving Tool


This tool is used for meesscharation grooving for underfeed Roller. This is made after regular roller grooving process is over. Hence a 30º angle is kept ( Included ) for easy access for tool to make deep messcharation after roller grooving. We have two different varieties of 6mm & 8mm carbide tip widths & we also make special like 7MM, 10MM & so on (Subject to minimum order quantity).This makes us the largest manufacturers of messachaert grooving tools in the tooling line.

No other manufacturer of Messchaert grooving tool can give you the quality and service that provide.Our delivery time is the shortest for this product. Once you use high profile tools then there after you will insist on using only our tools. That’s what our design is. Ease of operation, time saving & above all value for money.


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