Circular saw AL 500 DGAnc

Short machine description

Automatic circular saw for aluminum AL 500 DGAnc is a machine designed for cutting of profiled and less common also full materials from aluminum alloys, under +60°90° - 60° angle. Micronizer – equipment for lubrication of saw disc located in machine’s base – is a standard part. Material and saw disc diving into the cut is automatic. . Single feeding length is 1500 mm, multiple feeding length is 9999 mm and length option can be selected directly on the control panel. The machine has to be connected to the external input of compressed air with working pressure in the range of 0,5 – 0,6 MPa.

Note: Roller conveyors M330 can be connected to the circular saw AL 500 DGANC from the left input side (material feeding) or from the right output side (material withdrawal). The requested conveyor length can be assembled from individual modules with the lengths of 2 or 3 m. The number of supporting feet depends on the overall conveyor length.

On your request, we will be glad to send you more detailed information on the material roller conveyor product range.

Standard design of the machine AL 500 DGANC
  1. Ergonomic construction of the machine with easy control
  2. Material cutting in automatic cycle under -60°- 90° + 60° angle.
  3. Electronic control of cover opening.
  4. Clack-valve of clamping cylinder for eventual failure of air pressure.
  5. Micronizer for lubrication of saw disc.
Summary of technical data
  1. Motor output: 4 kW / 3 x 400V
  2. Saw disc dimensions (LxW xH) 500 x 32 x 4,1 mm
  3. Capacity of cooling system 0,5 l
  4. Clamping power of downfeed 700N
Technical machine description
  1. Machine base The saw is constructed on a robust base in a height convenient for easy material handling. The construction of this base was developed as to absorb vibrations in the broadest possible range.
  2. Saw disc console Tilting console is a steel welding on the pivot bolt that serves for saw disc diving into the cut.
  3. Saw disc Saw disc is lead to the cut via tilting console that enables to set the size of the cut and that is embedded in bearings.
  4. Saw disc drive The saw disc drive is performed by a powerful 4,0 kW engine by means of a vee belt on the console.
  5. Cooling Micronizer is a standard part of the machine. This equipment has a unit in which compressed air and cutting oil are mixed. Spraying unit has three jets which spray the mixture of oil and air on the saw disc and thus prevent the leakage of cooling emulsion out of the saw. Micronizer needs external air input of 4 ATM pressure. With Micronizer it is not necessary to use common cooling emulsions, manipulate with them and solve their disposal.
  6. Angle cutting range The machine enables material cutting under - left side 60° - 90°- and right side 60 °
  7. Material feeding Material feeding into the cut is performed via feeding vice with upper clamping, that feeds the material on the requested length and then it is clamped with main clamping vice equipped with upper clamping.
  8. Other accessories Material conveyor can be connected to the machine on input or output side as an optional accessory. Material conveyor can be equipped on the input side with firm or sliding vertical rollers that protect the material from falling. Sliding vertical rollers are suitable especially for bundle cutting.
  9. Saw disc diving into the cut Adjustment of disc diving speed into the cut is controlled by hydraulic throttling valve and its regulation is located directly on the control panel.
  10. Control All control elements are located on the panel that can be found on the front side of the machine.
Working procedure

Working cycle is automatic. Material has to be laid on the working table. After adjustment of feeding length and number of feedings, it is necessary to press START button. Feeding vice feeds the requested length, material is clamped with main vice, saw disc starts and tilting frame cuts the material. Meanwhile feeding vice goes to the back position for feeding the material. After the cut is finished, saw disc goes to low position, main vice is opened and feeding vice feeds the requested length of material. Single feeding length is max. 1500 mm. During one cutting cycle the maximal feeding length is 9999,9 mm. Working cycle is being repeated.

Technical data of AL 500 DGANC


90°/0° Ø170 mm 200x 115 mm 90 x170 mm 150 mm
45°R Ø150 mm 180 x 45 mm 80 x 170 mm 125 mm
45°L Ø150 mm 180 x 45 mm 60 x 170 mm 125 mm
60°R Ø115 mm 125 x 45 mm 170 x 40 mm 105 mm
60°L Ø115 mm 125 x 45 mm 170 x 40 mm 105 mm